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Macs now account for 10% of active personal computers

Macs accounted for approximately one in every 10 personal computers used to reach the web over the last two months, according to recent data from an analytics vendor.

By the tally of California-based Net Applications, macOS – the operating system that runs natively only on Macs – powered 10% of the global PC user share in January and an almost-flat 9.9% in February. The latter’s number was 3.7 percentage points higher than 12 months prior, when macOS accounted for just 6.2% of all personal computers.

(Much of the one-year jump in macOS user share was credited to a one-time adjustment by Net Applications in late 2017; the move added 2.8 percentage points, or about three-fourths of the total increase, to the operating system’s total when the firm scrubbed its data of bogus traffic promulgated by criminals’ “bots.”)

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