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Predictions about Google’s predictive internet

Google wants you to keep using Google. So to keep your interest, it’s working hard to apply some of the world’s most advanced technologies to making your online activities faster and easier.

It’s attacking from several angles. One of them is prediction. Google is figuring out how to guess what you’ll want to do, then making that prediction available as an instant option.

This predictive power will transform how employees and executives in enterprises and other businesses operate. The predictive internet will do for work what self-driving cars will do for transportation.

It’s starts with messaging.

Predictive conversation

Google is beta-testing a new tool called Reply that reads what your colleagues message to you and then suggests replies, which you can choose to send with a click or tap. That might sound like Google’s existing Smart Replies, which is built into Gmail, Inbox and Allo. But Reply is Smart Replies for third-party apps, essentially. (Sign up for the beta here.)

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