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What's in the latest Chrome update?

Google on Jan. 24 released Chrome 64 for Windows, macOS and Linux, boosting the browser’s defenses against the microprocessor flaws that blitzed through the news earlier this month.

The upgrade also beefed up Chrome’s pop-up blocker, put a stop to hucksters hijacking the browsing session by automatically steering to an unwanted website, and implemented a promised option to let users mute auto-playing audio on a site-by-site basis. And Google’s security team patched 53 new vulnerabilities in the browser.

Chrome updates in the background, so most users can simply relaunch the browser to get the latest version. To manually manage an update, select “About Google Chrome” from the Help menu under the vertical ellipsis at the upper right. The ensuing page either shows the browser has been updated or displays the download-upgrade process before presenting a “Relaunch” button. Those new to Chrome can download it from this Google site.

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