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Apple TV: The comeback king

While millions of iOS and Mac users own and enjoy them, it’s true to say that Apple TV is not the world’s most successful Apple product.

At least, not yet

Apple’s one-time “hobby” is a bit like the white walkers in Game of Thrones, it just keeps coming back.

Over the years we’ve seen Apple try lots of things to make the product an absolute essential, and while I think the current model is a brilliant thing for any Mac, iPhone, or iPad user, it has still barely dented the TV streaming market.

One thing Apple has tried to put together is to organize a ‘thin content’ bundle that lets customers dump their cable subscription to pick up all the content they actually want to watch for one fixed monthly fee. It had a lot of problems getting this idea off the ground, and word is it eventually had to cave in to this reality and work on its TV guide instead.

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