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3 hidden iOS Settings you need to know

These iOS Settings are often overlooked, but once you get to know them you can control your privacy and extend your data limits.

Wi-Fi settings

Wi-Fi Assist helps you enjoy a better connection by using your mobile data network to supplement a patchy Wi-Fi connection.

This is fine when you have data bandwidth to burn, but it isn’t great at all when you are coming close to the end of your data allocation. You don’t want to pay a surcharge, do you? You don’t have to—just remember how to control the feature.

So, where is it?

Open Settings>Cellular and scroll to the bottom of the next page—keep scrolling through the long list of all your apps and their mobile data permissions. You’ll find Wi-Fi Assist near the bottom of the page, toggle it to green (on) if you want to use it. If you don’t want to use it, toggle to off (white). When it is enabled, Wi-Fi Assist will automatically use mobile data to help boost your connection.

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