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SpaceX launches from a historic NASA pad — then sticks the landing

You know the saying: If at first you don’t succeed, launch a rocket from a historic NASA pad and show everyone how it’s done.

That may not be the exact saying, but close enough. And that is pretty much precisely what SpaceX did on Sunday, launching a cargo-filled rocket to the ISS, and then landing its first stage back on Earth only minutes later. 

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So what is going on? Laurel Kornfeld has some background:

SpaceX successfully launched a Dragon capsule…for the International Space Station (ISS) from NASA’s historic Launch Complex 39A on Sunday morning, February 19.

The revamped launch site, last utilized for the final space shuttle launch on July 8, 2011, was…used to launch NASA’s Apollo moon missions and many space shuttle flights between 1981 and 2011.

SpaceX must have been pleased with a successful launch after a not so successful one last year. Colin Dwyer tells us exactly how this one went:

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